Peak Performance & Athletic Longevity

The strategy & tactics of superior performance as we age.  

Join us as we unravel the puzzle of athletic performance longevity.

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We hope you’ll join us on our exploration of how to build and maintain superior athletic performance as we age.  

#139 | Finding your Iron Sweetspot for Performance and Health | Grant Fraser MD

Finding your iron sweetspot for athletic performance and long health: How to know if you are low or high? Or on the verge of being low or high? How to know if donating whole blood every 8 weeks is a good idea...

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#138 | Internal Arts: More than Stress Management | Jeff Patterson, author of The Yielding Warrior

Jeff Patterson shares his wisdom on how to gain mastery over ourselves, and to strengthen our power to focus by minimizing the impact of an environment filled with distraction

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#137 | The #1 Secret to Healthy Fat Loss | Vyvyane Loh MD

As a followup to my chat with Dr Vyvyane Loh, Glen and I sat down with Dr Loh to get into the how of losing excess body fat without losing muscle. Dr Loh does not disappoint as she shares her tips on how...

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#136 | Live Long Strong; Dodge the #1 Killer (CVD) | Michael Twyman MD

understand cardiovascular health from a whole body perspective. Rather than focus on LDL and HDL and apoB, he says we need to look at the bigger picture of cardiovascular health….namely cardiovascular health as a marker of whole body health.

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#135 | What’s your Healthy Fat %? | Vyvyane Loh MD

the level of body fatness that is unhealthy varies dramatically between people because the location of the fat is what matters. Some people have a very low threshold for fatness before they start to experience metabolic problems that are associated with obesity including...

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#134 | Testosterone Envy & Longevity | Rick Cohen MD

let's talk to Dr Rick Cohen about discovering your own path to boosting testosterone to feel better and stronger as a man and an athlete...

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