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Here’s a super deal for a discount on one of the best brands out there. Use link and create an account. You will receive 20% off all products except bundles (buy items separately to receive the discount) and tests (they say small margins on tests so they are unable to offer discounts). My family uses Thorne products to get reliable quality.

Berkley Life (Nitrite Test Strips, Nitrate Supplements).

This link ( allows you to buy directly from Berkley Life; the registration code “WISE30” is needed to create an account. When placing an order, use discount code: “WISE20” …it is a one-time 20% savings. I use these products daily.

4 Herb Synergy Gold (Vince Giuliano’s Inflammation & Anti-Aging product)

Here are two discounts from Vince (expire Aug 2024): a one-time 20% off discount for new customers & 20% discount on a 1-year subscription . Link to Vince’s website: When placing an order, use discount code “NewUser20” (1-time purchase by new customers) or “WiseAtheletes12” (or, use this to use to save 20% on a 1-year subscription for up to 5 bottles; 1 year only). Each person can only use one of these codes. Choose wisely.

FlexBeam (Red Light / IR Lamp Belt)

Here’s a $60 off discount on a flexible belt from ReCharge Health. Link to FlexBeam. Be sure to use discount code “joelavelle” to get your $60 savings. Glen bought one and loves it.

Ulta Lab Tests (mobile, Quest Labs, many other blood draw options)

Don’t wait for an annual physical. Take charge of your health using high-quality, low-cost blood tests to track biomarkers. Ulta provides a portal for tracking results over time so you can see improvements…or declines in your health status.

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