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Here’s a super deal for a huge discount on the best nutritional supplement brands out there. Use the link to create an account to save 25% on all orders. Free shipping for orders over $50, and $8.75 per order if under $50. Save an extra 5% (for a total of 30%) if you signup for autoship.

FlexBeam (Red Light / IR Lamp Belt)

Here’s a $60 off discount on a flexible belt from ReCharge Health. Link to FlexBeam. Be sure to use discount code “joelavelle” to get your $60 savings. Glen bought one and loves it.

Ulta Lab Tests (mobile, Quest Labs, many other blood draw options)

Don’t wait for an annual physical. Take charge of your health using high-quality, low-cost blood tests to track biomarkers. Ulta provides a portal for tracking results over time so you can see improvements…or issues in your health status.

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Curious athlete who demands answers. Husband to Susan ( Father of 3 daughters. Athletic pursuits over time, in reverse order: cycling, skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, triathlon, golf, tennis, football.

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