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#115 | Winning Athletic Longevity | Dr Rick Cohen & Daniel Tawfik of Healthspan

One of the major bummers for the older athlete, is that no one knows how to make people younger.  All we can do is slow down the rate of aging.  The healthier we are, the slower we age….meaning the more slowly we progress toward that visit to the pearly gates. 

How can we balance risk and reward, prioritize which interventions to pursue first, how to tell is we are getting a positive or negative result from our interventions including pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. These are the questions answered by Daniel and Rick.

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#63 — Boosting Testosterone Right with Rick Cohen, MD

For men, think of your testosterone as an overall marker of your health and wellbeing. Wondering about the benefits of sufficient testosterone? Improved athletic performance, Decreased workout recovery time—less joint pain, stiffness and muscle soreness, Increased lean muscle mass and decreased body fat, Enhanced libido and sexual function, Feeling calmer, more stress-proof, and more positive about your life

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