#75 – Have Your Chocolate & Eat It Too w/Rym Selmi

Rym Selmi, the inventory of Miiro Chocolate.

The Latin miro, means “To Wonder.” Miiro Chocolate is all about helping people rediscover the carefree childlike wonder that makes life so special.

I have found that I am able to restrict myself from eating “bad” foods quite well.  But I have begun to think I do not have a good balance between my health, athletic performance goals and …for lack of a better word….“enjoying myself”.

The key, I’ve been thinking, is to find a way to not suffer so much. To find a way to have healthier foods around me that I can have when I want but that are not engineered to make me lose control. So that I can find some sort of balance between healthiness and fitness AND having enjoyment in my food.

When I heard about Miiro Chocolate, a low-sugar but delicious chocolate, I thought I might have found what I was looking for…but I found so much more.

The ever curious athlete who demands answers.
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Curious athlete who demands answers. Husband to Susan ( Father of 3 daughters. Athletic pursuits over time, in reverse order: cycling, skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, triathlon, golf, tennis, football.

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