Bonus – NedGravel with Gavin Coombs

It wasn’t 6 months ago that I was thinking that someone should organize a gravel race somewhere along the Peak-to-Peak highway above the Denver-Metro area. I was starting to think I might have to do it myself when I heard about NedGravel. It sounds amazing. I’m definitely going to ride in this one.

Listen in as I talk to Gavin Coombs, Founder and Race Director of NedGravel about how he and his team have pulled out all the stops to make this a great ride or race, whether you are a beginner or a hardcore gravel racer.

Coming July 31, 2021 (80% full as of the end of April)

Gavin and his team built one of the most challenging gravel races in the world. They built organized rides for all of us out of their regular fun rides, which have a ton of climbing and technical sections, and all at an elevation of 8,000-10,300 feet. The 3 courses pay homage to the hardened miners, dreamers and misfits who came before us as we ride through ghost towns, past mines and up mountains. The 3 courses vary in length and difficulty to accommodate a wide range of skills and desires for suffering.

A fun, inclusive and challenging event in beautiful Nederland, CO (in the foothills above Boulder, CO)

The ever curious athlete who demands answers.
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