#101 — Biometric Scorecard: Personalized Health & Longevity w/Chris Wikman

“Historically, fundamental scientific discoveries and technologies have been based on new instruments that allow us to observe phenomena that we had no clue existed because they are are unperceivable to our native senses. Most of what goes on in our bodies relevant to our health and longevity is invisible to our conscious senses.  But much of it can be observed and monitored by available instrumentation. If we want to optimize our health and longevity, the first step is to know what it is. (Vince Giuliano)

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#35 – Personalized Health & Athletic Performance with Gil Blander, PhD

Today’s WiseAthletes episode is with one of the leading minds in the basic biology of aging and translating scientific discoveries into new ways of detecting and preventing age-related conditions. He is the founder of InsideTracker. InsideTracker is the only fitness program that analyzes a sample of blood and, in conjunction with your wellness and lifestyle goals, provides a personalized diet, nutrition, exercise plan, which is best for your body and your goals.

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