#101 — Biometric Scorecard: Personalized Health & Longevity w/Chris Wikman

Tracking your biological age factors is the best way to zero-in on what works to improve your athletic performance, and extend your own healthy lifespan

Chris Wikman

Chris Wikman is a long-time biometric tracker, and a pursuer of longevity and healthspan using hard data. His articles published on Vince Giuliano’s website led me to ask Chris to join us on the WiseAthletes podcast to share his story, and to help others find a path to use data, instead of marketing messages, to identify where to put our attention and invest our money in our health.

The old adage:   “What gets measured gets improved”. Every wise athlete is experimenting with techniques, equipment, diets, supplements and more. The only way to make progress is to keep track. This is Chris’s approach, and it’s one I want to adopt for my health which is the foundation of athletic performance.

Chris Wikman is a semi-retired “renaissance man.” He is a medical writer and consultant with interests in longevity, anti-aging, and anti-aging interventions, and founder of the firm Biometrics for Healthy Aging. Further, Chris employs several anti-aging interventions in his daily life. He believes in medical practices which are backed up by good science, and he is very open minded about those practices which have a long and seemingly successful tradition, but which may as yet be unexplained by Western science. This is also an area of his continuing interest. In other aspects of his life, Chris is a musician, multi-media artist, engineer, and world-wide high-adventure traveler. He strives to get daily sunshine and time outdoors in nature.

Episode 99: Vince Giuliano (93 years young): the Ultimate Longevity Warrior.

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Discussion Outline (not in order)

  1. Biological aging vs. chronological aging
  2. Various ways to assess biological age
  3. Chris’s success in slowing his aging
  4. HRV
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