#99–Vince Giuliano (93 years young): the Ultimate Longevity Warrior

Vince Giuliano Bio

Vince Giuliano is one of the original contributors to the Computer Revolution starting in the 50’s and the Internet Revolution starting in the late 80’s. In his latest career starting 15 years ago, Vince has become a personally-interested connoisseur and interpreter of the emerging science of longevity in his incredibly successful effort to extend his own life and healthspan. Vince says his remarkable success comes from practicing what he preaches, some of the details of which he will share with us today.

Outline of Discussion

  • Vince’s background 
  • What is aging?  We know what it looks like but what is happening and why?
  • Phases of human life; aging in a human 
  • Inflammation is the key problem to solve
  • Vince’s inflammation solution that has taken him to 93yo in good health
  • Other “prudent” anti-aging interventions used by Vince: supplements, exercise, autonomic nervous system work, diet, heat and cold use

Be sure to checkout Vince’s website. He has published a lot of books and papers (~200) as well as over 500 substantive entries in his blog. There’s a lot there, and all of it is very well thought-out and written.

Discount Code:

Here are two discounts from Vince (expire Aug 2024): a one-time 20% off discount for new customers & 20% discount on a 1-year subscription . Link to Vince’s website: When placing an order, use discount code “NewUser20” (1-time purchase by new customers) or “WiseAtheletes12” (or, use this to use to save 20% on a 1-year subscription for up to 5 bottles; 1 year only). Each person can only use 1 of these codes.

Links to Vince’s Writings & Proprietary Supplement

The ever curious athlete who demands answers.
About the Author
Curious athlete who demands answers. Husband to Susan ( Father of 3 daughters. Athletic pursuits over time, in reverse order: cycling, skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, triathlon, golf, tennis, football.

1 comment on “#99–Vince Giuliano (93 years young): the Ultimate Longevity Warrior

  1. Jan Stein says:

    I’m not an elite athlete, but I’m exceedingly happy to have found you. Vince G. is extraordinarily awesome; so now, I’ll be listening to many many more of your podcast guests. Thank-you for promoting exactly what I’ve been learning about and doing since 2016, with basic success.

    I have an interesting story to tell about second-hand smoke and its wicked effects on me from my mom’s prenatal, in-utero and post-partum incessant cigarette smoking and what I found out about my exceedingly high Cadmium toxicity.
    It’s a topic that should be discussed even though athletes usually don’t smoke cigarettes themselves; exposure to environmental toxins in water, food, oxygen is pervasive today for everyone.

    3 x cancer survivor
    Age 73 ( and counting…)

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