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This is part 2 of my bone health exploration, and this time the question is what should I do if I have osteoperosis? Is it game over? No. Absolutely not. But you will need to work hard to recover the bone health you lost.

Doug Lucas, DO, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Anti-Aging Specialist, will give you insight into the lifestyle, nutrition, testing, and medical solutions for Osteoporosis management and yes, possibly, even reversal. Avoiding pharmaceuticals if at all possible.

Dr Doug Lucas is a double board certified physician specializing in optimizing healthspan and bone health. Seven years after completing his training at Stanford and starting his career as an orthopedic surgeon Dr Doug left the traditional medical model to pursue a second fellowship and board certification in anti-aging and regenerative medicine and achieve the status of fellow in Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine.

Dr Doug has gone on to build a team of experts to help optimize patient’s health and help them to live better, longer. The vision has come to fruition with 100s of patients seeing success by reversing chronic diseases like osteoporosis and diabetes but also by improving energy, performance and vitality.

Bullet points

  • Layers for building health…start at the foundation and build up….
  • Lifestyle (sleep, diet, stress mgmt., activity, sunshine, social, spiritual)…lots of these things can be done together…time efficiency is important.
    • Keys to get right:  enough protein, enough calcium, the right dairy (A1 vs A2 casein) if possible?  Fermented …full fat is better?  a calm immune system, the right exercise/activity, sleep, stress mgmt
    • stuff to avoid:  alcohol, salt, caffeine, fasting, yo-yo dieting, HPF highly processed food…antibiotics?  Proton pump inhibitors?  NSAIDs (aspirin?)
  • Supplements based on need, which means testing (how do you test?  Anything beyond the standard panels?  How do you assess status or need?  I’m used to my doctors who say anything in the “normal range” is good enough…what other biomarkers do you use….BP, RHR, …any functional markers like grip strength or balance?
  • Other related to testing
    • What about allergies?  I’ve heard food allergies are an issue but is it the same for airway allergies like pollen or dust creating histamines?  Do antihistamines help?Melatonin?  Help with sleep and bones?What about non-chemical interventions?  Red/NIR light, UVB lamps, vibration plates, etc.
  • Hormone optimization  — lifestyle then replacement based on real need.  But hormones affect more than bone….right?  Estrogen is the key for bone health?  How do men get enough estrogen for bones?
  • Peptides – gray area….is this an area people should be careful about?  Stuff you can get online…can you trust it?
  • Pharma – medications tend to be very powerful and have side effects.  Anything common that you find contributed to the bone health issues?  How do you deal with polypharmacy issues….accumulation of drugs taken forever?
  • Longevity interventions?  Off-label?  Optimization of biomarkers vs. “normal range”?   (rapamycin?  MB?  ….a long list of off-label medications found to extend healthspan and lifespan in mice:  acarbose, metformin (when combined with rapa), SGLT2 inhibitors (canagliflozin)…and others.

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