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I think it is clear that nutritional supplements are a useful and medically legitimate way for me to meet my nutritional needs and support my efforts to be a strong athlete for a long time. Yet, the question of which nutritional supplements to buy turns out to be much more complicated than it appears … my conversation today will make that challenge less overwhelming. 

If you have ever dared to wonder if that nutritional supplement you have been taking for the last year with no or little effect really contains the real botanical or amino acid or whatever you wanted and expected, then you have already realized you have no idea and no way to find out. 

Sure, you can use 3rd party services like ConsumerLab but that can’t tell you if the bottle in your hand is the same as the one they tested.  So what is a wise athlete to do?

Today on episode 131 I am interviewing Dr Jeff Gladd who is a medical doctor with his own clinic and the chief medical officer of Fullscript, a wholesale nutritional supplement fulfillment service serving over 6 million patients through 100,000 healthcare providers. Dr Gladd knows the ins and outs of the nutritional supplement business, and he shares his tips for how to find brands and to source product that provides the best chance of having the purity and potency you and I seek.   And he also shared his advice on specific supplements for the older athlete. 

And be sure to explore the WiseAthletes Fullscript site where you can see for yourself if the product selection and pricing is as good as the quality control offered by FullScript. I am no longer buying from Amazon as I have done for years. It’s time for me to make sure I am getting the purity and potency I need. 

Bullet points:

  • Navigate the nutritional supplement industry by focusing on quality first and then cost. A quality product in your hand can only come through quality control maintained throughout the manufacturing and distribution process…any step along the way with a company you can’t trust and that hasn’t been checked by 3rd party certifiers means you don’t know what you are getting.
  • Start with goals: what are you trying to accomplish: (1) do everything you can through lifestyle improvement, (2) then turn to supplements to fill in gaps: start at the top…what are the most important things to address, (3) don’t take 25+ supplements…take 5-6 high quality nutritional aids that you can expect to work, and then test to be certain, (4) move onto the next thing to address.
  • Certifications available: Certified Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, cGMP, NSF, Kosher Check, Certified Vegan, Certified Halal. UL, Informed-Choice, Informed-Sport, Friend of the Sea, Certified B Corporation, Non GMO Verified, USP, USDA Organic, GOED, IFOS, ISO, Certified Organic, Certified B Corporation®, NSF Certified for Sport, MOSA Certified Organic, QAI, Homeopathic, Clean Label Project™, MSC Fish, 1% For The Planet, Non-GMO, NSF Certified, Halal, Keto Certified, Plant-Based Certified
  • Allergen indicators. Animal product free, Artificial color free, Artificial flavor free, Artificial preservative free, Artificial sweetener free, Casein free, Corn free, Crustacean/shellfish free, Dairy free, Egg free, Fish free, Gluten free, GMO free, Grain free, Grass-fed, Hydrogenated oil free, Hypoallergenic, Keto friendly, Kosher, Mustard free, Organic, Paleo friendly, Peanut free, Preservative free, Rice free, Salicylate free, Salt free, Sesame free, Soy free, Starch free, Sugar free, Tree nut free, Wheat free, Whey free, Yeast free

Related info:

As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Gladd advises on company and product direction with the perspective of integrative and family medicine. In 2010, Dr. Gladd opened GladdMD Integrative Medicine, blending health-promoting care with high access technology. In 2011, he created and launched the web’s first nutrient depletion tool, Dr. Gladd is a sought after speaker in his field, speaking at TEDx and being featured in various industry publications.

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