#7 – Brian Hannon of Boulder Bicycle Works: Bike Maintenance Guru

Today we will hear from Brian Hannon, the owner / mechanic at Boulder Bicycle Works, which just happens to be my favorite bike maintenance and repair shop.  I’ve been a customer of Brian’s for several years now; I have learned to respect his deep knowledge of bikes and come to lean on him more and more.  Of course Brian is a very knowledgeable and capable bike guy, but it turns out his cycling roots go back a long way and cover big chunks of the globe.  I shouldn’t have been so surprised but I was, and I bet you’ll be amazed as well. 

We asked Brian to join us on Wise Athletes to share his wisdom about bike maintenance.  I have often found the watch-like nature of today’s high-end bikes to be frustrating when I wasn’t just simply amazed at how awesome these machines can be.  Brian reveals the low hanging fruit / the stuff that even I can manage to do to keep my bike working well and safely without spending a lot of money.  Listen in as we hear Brian’s story and benefit from his wisdom.

As always, Glen and I hope you find this information helpful in your quest to become a wise athlete.

Brian’s recommended products:

(1) Rohloff Caliber 2 chain wear indicator.   This tool will last a lifetime, is quick and easy to use and instantly shows how much wear you have on your chain.
(2) Park Tool ATD-1.2 adjustable Torque Driver.  This is great for home use.  Will do the common toque specs for stem/bar fasteners and includes all the common bits.
(3) Squirt Lube (wax based dry lube).  For petroleum based dry lubes I like Rock-N-Roll Absolute Dry.

Contact info:

2886 Bluff St.Boulder, CO 80301


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