DIRT Cycling Club

#93 — 55,500 Miles on Zwift w/Chris Schwenker, P.T.

55,500 Miles Going Nowhere: Confessions of an Unapologetic Zwift Indoor Specialist.If you ride on zwift, I hope this gives you a few tips to make the experience even better. If you haven’t ridden on zwift, then listen in for the many reasons to consider it. Riding on zwift is a great adjunct to being strong on your bike anywhere. But zwift has many attributes are better than quote unquote real riding. Zwift isn’t perfect but it has changed my life for the better.

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#44 – Chris Schwenker, PT, Virtual Cycling’s Biggest Fan

Indoor Virtual Cycling is the evolution of our great sport. Listen to Chris Schwenker, P.T., virtual cycling’s biggest fan and publisher of Zommunique talk about how he uses and promotes virtual cycling to find fun, camaraderie, fitness and more.

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