#117 | The Hunt for More Life | Mitchell Lee, PhD, CEO of Ora Biomedical

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For centuries the search for eternal youth or elongated life has been a frequent topic of various myths and legends from around the world.  Adventurers looked in far away lands for clues to the healing waters. In modern times, pharmaceutical companies hunted in jungles and tropical islands for exotic molecules that could be used to solve human disease. Now Ora Biomedical is searching among chemicals and combinations of chemicals laying in plain sight for clues to massive life (and health) extension. And now you can participate by sponsoring a compound that you know or just think is worth $100 to take a look.

Today we are talking with Mitchell Lee, PhD about Ora Biomedical’s Million Molecule Challenge and its new citizen science fundraising approach that allows everyone to participate in completing the moonshot Million-Molecule Challenge (assess 1,000,000 longevity interventions in 5 years vs. just under 1,100 compounds tested so far by modern science). In addition, Dr Lee and I discuss my question of how to be “bold but safe” regarding the high-wire act of using off-label pharmaceuticals and OTC nutritional supplements to get a fast start (i.e., start now) on the pursuit of extended human healthspan. This question has been burning my brain as I personally search for a path that avoids the slippery slope of wishful thinking, marketing overpromises (lies) and the dangers of combining too many powerful chemicals.

From Ora Biomedical’s website: “...from a small pilot screen of a few mTOR inhibitors, Ora has already identified one that works better than rapamycin.our preliminary data lead us to believe that combinations of 2-5 different longevity interventions have the potential to be twice to ten times as effective as the current best-in-class.

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Dr Mitchell Lee Bio

Dr Lee received his PhD in Experimental Pathology from the University of Washington School of Medicine, where he trained with Matt Kaeberlein . He is the Co-founder and CEO of Ora Biomedical, a new pharmaceutical company seeking to realize the full potential of healthy aging therapeutics by developing “a new generation of broad use small molecule healthy aging interventions for humans, companion pets, and all other organisms for which prolonged healthy survival is desired.”



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