#36 – Dr. Jeff Sankoff (TriDoc) on Masters Athletic Performance


Jeff Sankoff is the TriDoc, an emergency physician, triathlete and USAT and Ironman University certified triathlon coach.

Jeff is an accomplished triathlete with more than 75 70.3 finishes including six World championship finishes and six Ironmans including one World Championship finish. He has been a medical contributor to Triathlete, Inside Triathlon and Beginner Triathlete magazines and websites; and now produces the TriDoc podcast, a bi-weekly show covering health and wellness issues as they relate to the endurance athlete.


  • Board Certified Emergency Physician
  • USAT Level 1 Coach
  • IRONMAN University Certified Coach
  • LifeSport mentored coach
  • Experienced triathlete; national age group team member.
  • Founder, Tri-Doc Podcast
  • Regular contributor to Training Peaks and other publications

Discussion Outline

Training Secrets from the TriDoc — Jeff Sankoff

  • Consistent Training is the key to endurance success
  • Reverse J Curve — do enough work but not too much
  • HRV – not that useful yet
  • Strength training is super important
  • No supplements
  • Lots of tech for measuring effort in workouts
  • Alcohol impairs performance and recovery
  • Biggest mistakes of masters athletes (beware shortcuts)
  • Eat food on the bike (not just fluids)
  • Mostly plant-based. Some fish too.
  • Sleep is a challenge but important
  • Training is a key stress management tool
  • Age is a state of mind (you are as old as you think you are)

Keys to athletic longevity:  

  1. Keep a youthful mindset
  2. Keep weight under control
  3. Keep moving, always
  4. Find something you love, and just do it.

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