#69 — Longevity Longcuts & Shortcuts w/ Dr. Brad Stanfield

Brad Stanfield, MD

Today on episode #69, I talk with Dr. Brad Stanfield, a medical doctor and searcher for ways to optimize longevity. This is a impossibly complex subject fraught with wrong-headed shortcuts, snake oil, and marketing lies.
  • What is aging?
  • How to stop accelerated aging?
  • Supplements to take to help offset the impact of aging? No mega dosing.. Some good ones: Vitamin D, omega 3, zinc, magnesium (threonate), creatine, collagen, glycine,

Dr Stanfield’s prediction of chemicals that will prove to make a big difference in longevity and healthspan:

  • Rapamycin — look after the protein / MTor type of issues
  • Stains — look after the fat / cholesterol issues
  • SGLT2 Inhibitors — blood sugar related issues

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