#92 — Knee Magic (science, really) w/Ebonie Rio


  • Tendon vs. “Under the kneecap” pain
  • How to tell what the problem is
  • How to deal with the pain
  • How to build back to low or no pain with athleticism and strength

Key Learnings

  • Single leg exercising instead of double leg
  • Progress by working as hard as you can without lingering pain (recover in 24 hours)
  • Don’t use painkillers while training
  • Be optimistic: you can get better. Exercise is critical to healthy joints and tendons
  • Rest makes you weaker and more susceptible to pain

About Dr. Ebonie Rio

Dr Rio is a post doc researcher at La Trobe University and has completed her PhD in tendon pain, Masters Sports Phys, B. Phys (Hons) and B. App Sci.

Dr Rio has a clinical career that has taken her to the Australian Institute of Sport, the Australian Ballet Company, Australian Ballet School, Melbourne Heart Football Club, Alphington Sports Medicine Centre, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and much more.

In approaching the full spectrum of training, the field of tendons and connective tissue represent an area that not much is known relative to others, such as muscle physiology.

This results in knee pain being hard to rehabilitate because knees do not “play by the same rules” as muscles and bones.  The goal is to improve the capacity of joints and tendons to sustain and handle loads.  

5 Tips for Kneecap Pain:

Managing My Kneecap Pain Portal:

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Curious athlete who demands answers. Husband to Susan ( Father of 3 daughters. Athletic pursuits over time, in reverse order: cycling, skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, triathlon, golf, tennis, football.

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