#112 | Simple Solutions for A.G.E.s…Advanced Glycation End-products | The Anti-A.G.E. Foundation

A.G.E.s are extremely damaging to our health. You are wise to become “A.G.E. aware”.

A.G.E.s is an acronym for Advanced Glycation End-products or “glycation”. Most people wrongly think A.G.E.s is only a problem for people with a high HbA1c score measuring average blood glucose levels over the last 3 months. A.G.E.s affect us all. A.G.E.s are now known to be a cause of cancer and of many chronic diseases, including: type 2 diabetes, heart disease, painful joints, erectile disfunction, cataracts, and even wrinkling of the skin.

Our bodies make A.G.E.s as an unavoidable consequence of making energy to live, and we eat foods containing a wide range of A.G.E volumes. Avoiding the A.G.E.s in our food is the easiest way to control the accumulation of A.G.E.s. The volume of AGEs in our food is dependent upon the type and amount of food and how it is prepared. Cooking food slowly, wet, with acidic marinades (such as lemon, lime, tomato sauce, vinegar, wine) and/or certain spices (such as Indian) makes all the difference. Eating food raw is even better. And regular exercise may be the only way to reduce the retention of A.G.E.s.

The Anti-A.G.E. Foundation says research suggests up to 30% of the A.G.E.s we consume in our food remains inside our bodies. Over our lifetime, very slowly these A.G.E.s build up in our tissues. Very slowly but very surely. The organs of a 50 year old will have far more A.G.E.s than a 20 year old. Initial studies in healthy individuals suggest that consumption of 15,000 to 20,000 A.G.E.s per day may be a healthy limit, as the body can detoxify some amount of A.G.E.s. But research has not concluded a safe level, so “less is more” applies. 

15,000 A.G.E.s may sound like a lot but a single fast-food meal contains 22,000 A.G.E.s. Fried, grilled, and baked foods…and in particular fatty meats … generate the most A.G.E.s.

Learn about A.G.E.s from Dr Turner’s TEDx Talk:

AGEs from our food preparation
Source: Anti-AGE Foundation
A.G.E.s from our food preparation

Anti-AGEs / Dr Turner / Dr Findlay Info:

Dr. David Turner is President & Co-Founder Anti A.G.E Foundation (non-profit) and Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Surgery at the Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center. His strong British accent was honed growing up in the North of England where he completed his Honors Science Degree in Molecular Biology and Doctorate in Biochemistry at the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom. His passion is combining his scientific research on A.G.E.s with a total commitment to making the world “A.G.E. aware”.  

Dr. Victoria Findlay is a Co-Founder of Anti-A.G.E. Foundation (non-profit) and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery and a Co-Leader of the Cancer Prevention & Control Program at the Massey Cancer Center at the Virginia Commonwealth University. She earned her BSc in Edinburgh, Scotland and her doctorate in Genetics at the University of Newcastle in England. Her passion is to educate and inspire the next generation of scientists. Her work with A.G.E.s in normal breast development seeks to focus a light on the ‘windows of susceptibility’ that occur throughout a woman’s life to increase her risk of breast cancer. She has a particular interest in the A.G.E. levels in breast milk and infant formula and the resultant effects on childhood diseases.

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