#53 — Wearables for Health & Fitness — Adam Bataineh MD

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Who is Dr. Adam Bataineh?

Adam Bataineh, MD: Internal medicine doctor focused on aging and longevity. Co-founder and chief medical officer of Span Health, a longevity-focused health coaching app.

The focus of the Wise Athletes podcast is older athletes, and how they can improve athletic performance today and retain their athletic capability for a long time. 

As a group, older athletes are big users of performance tracking tools for heart rate, power output, speed, and distance; and more and more we are adding biometric tracking wearables for general health and fitness tracking, such as sleep duration and HRV. Dr Bataineh is an expert in the wearables market.

Dr. Adam Bataineh on Twitter:

Our discussion topics:

  • Why do we need continuous tracking of anything?  Why isn’t my annual physical and blood test with my family doctor good enough?
  • An overview of the market:  types of devices, data services that sit on top of devices to give us advice?
  • Where are the devices and AI accurate enough to turn over our decision-making to the machines?
  • What is the 80/20 rules in this space?  How do I get the biggest bang for my money and time?

What is Span Health?

Span Health is one of the startups that translates the science of personalized nutrition & lifestyle using your data to find what works. “We started with a mobile app with tools and content to run experiments, validate which ones truly work for you, and stack healthy habits into a sustainable routine, “says Patrick Samy, co-founder and CEO of Span Health.

Span Health website:

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