#133 | Higher VO2Max via Postbiotic Metabolites | Ross Pelton, R.PH, Ph.D., CCN

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Gut health is all the rage now but it is so complicated and everybody has a different solution…from eating lots of fiber to eating only meat to taking probiotics.  How can we figure out what to do?  Is improved athletic performance possible from gut health? Today in episode 133 I am joined by Ross Pelton, the Natural Pharmacist who recently published a paper on the microbiome theory of aging in the medical journal Integrative medicine.  Ross shares his deep knowledge about improving gut health and also his knowledge about an emerging topic for me….postbiotics which are beneficial substances made by bacteria that our bodies rely upon and respond well to when we do have an optimal gut.  We’ve all heard of SCFA (short chain fatty acids), well that is only one of many substances made by bacteria in a healthy gut but now are available in supplement form to help us all get our gut back on track.  Ross works with Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics & Postbiotic Metabolites which are available in the Wise Athletes Fullscript store if you’d like to check it out. Ross shares several medical studies using Dr Ohhira’s including one with athletes that showed significant increases in vo2max and lactate threshold… doping!

Paper: The Microbiome Theory of Aging, January 2023

Link to get free copy of book: Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics & Postbiotic Metabolites

Ross’s website:

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