#87 — Zeroing-in on Fun AND Fitness (p.2 of 2 with Hunter Allen)

Hunter Allen Bio:

  • Ex-Pro cyclist
  • Peaks Coaching Group Founder, CEO
  • USAC Level 1 Coach …. Focusing on : Road Cyclists, MTB and Tri
  • Co-Founder TrainingPeaks WKO
  • Co-Author “ Training and Racing with a Power Meter ” 
  • Co-Author ” Triathlon Training With Power “
  • Co-Author “ Cutting Edge Cycling ”
  • 2008 Olympic USA BMX Team Technical Coach
  • And, it should be noted, still a super fit dude (298 FTP)

Peaks Coaching Group:

The ever curious athlete who demands answers.
About the Author
Curious athlete who demands answers. Husband to Susan ( Father of 3 daughters. Athletic pursuits over time, in reverse order: cycling, skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, triathlon, golf, tennis, football.

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